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Do We Need To Be Concerned About Dementia?

There’s much in the media today about the possible 240% increase in dementia diagnoses in Ireland, with experts estimating that the number of people being diagnosed with dementia will increase from 41,000 now to 140,000 in 2021, 25 years time. However, when you read further, it emerges that many people in Ireland have been living […]


Does Ireland have a Dementia-Friendly Society?

A “Dementia-Friendly” Society Many people in the UK believe that communities don’t tend to include dementia patients. Research by the Alzheimer’s Society has resulted in developing training in various communities to ensure that towns and cities become “dementia-friendly”. “It’s vital that people sign up to the recognition process to kick-start this movement and help change […]


Benefits of Digital Technology for Older People

Why is it important for older people to be able to use digital services, to go online, to communicate with others via social media? Evidence suggests that many 55-64 year year olds aren’t involved in any learning to improve their online skills. According to some, this lack of knowledge will affect their ability to be […]