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Lloyds Pharmacy Ireland

Elderly Care Monitored Dosage Systems

For our clients who may require some help managing their medicines at home, Lloyds Pharmacy has a range of options to make caring for your health simpler, safer and stress-free.

Free Collection & Delivery Service

Selected branches offer Lloyds Pharmacy’s local customers a free collection and delivery service. Your prescription can be collected from your home or your doctors surgery, prepared, then delivered to you free of charge! Contact your local Lloyds Pharmacy for details of how we can help you with monthly medicines for home care.

Monitored Dosage Systems

MyMedA monitored dosage system is a means of delivering your medicines to you in a weekly pack where each of your tablets is in a compartment depending on the time of day you take it. Simply pop a compartment and the work is done! This is an easy way to keep your medicines in order and prevent any confusion about what tablet should be taken at what time. Carers involved in providing care at home can be more confident about assisting with medicines using this system. Contact your local Lloyds Pharmacy for more details on home care options.

Questions about your medicines

Please contact your local branch and ask to speak to our Pharmacist. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the medicines they dispense for you. Contact your local Lloyds Pharmacy if you or someone you know may like some extra help managing medicines at home. We are committed to helping domiciliary patients by making medicines as safe as possible.

Unwanted Medication

Lloyds Pharmacy will accept any medicines you no longer need and dispose of them safely and free of charge


Comfort Keepers Home Care are delighted to partner with Fold TeleCare to provide a telecare service for our clients. Fold TeleCare, part of Fold Housing Association is the leading 24 hour telecare service in Ireland. Fold is a not for profit organisation and currently supports over 20,000 people through the telecare service.

Fold TeleCare provides a range of non-intrusive telecare sensors which work with a smart lifeline unit to offer a comprehensive way of managing the risks to a person’s health and home environment. Telecare services enhance and support independent living, and in certain cases can facilitate early discharge from nursing care or hospital. Telecare is widely used to support independent living for people who may be:

  • Living alone
  • Living in fear of crime
  • At risk from falling
  • At risk from the effects of dementia such as wandering, leaving cookers on etc.
  • At risk from epilepsy

Fold’s telecare service ensures that when a telecare sensor is activated, they will receive an instant alert at their 24 hour monitoring centre, where a trained caring advisor will take the appropriate action, i.e. call a nominated carer, family member or emergency services.

Fold’s telecare service is unique in that a full assessment of need is carried out in conjunction with the client, family member and health professional. A telecare package suited to the person’s need is agreed and installed. Continual monitoring and reviews ensure that the package is updated according to the persons need.

Click on the image below to view the brochure

The Physio Company

Comfort Keepers Home Care are delighted to partner with The Physio Company, Ireland’s largest Chartered Physiotherapy provider for our clients. The Physio Company is a fresh, innovative and forward thinking private Chartered Physiotherapy provider. They have over 15 clinics in operation across Ireland. A full list of clinic locations is listed on their website. Please visit www.thephysiocompany.com or call 01 679 9685 for further information.

A Chartered Physiotherapist’s main focus is reduction of pain and correction of dysfunction and injury. Unlike some other treatment professions available in Ireland, Chartered Physiotherapists are allied health professionals and Physiotherapy is considered within the realm of conventional medicine.

The Physio Company chartered physiotherapists will assess your needs and commence treatment straight away in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Talk to your Comfort Keepers Client Care Manager today about the benefits of physiotherapy and the special discounts that you can avail of with The Physio Company.

Beechfield Healthcare

Beechfield Healthcare provides a wide variety of healthcare products for use in the home and outdoors. Our clients are typically elderly people who need help getting around and doing everyday tasks. We can also help people recovering from accidents or illnesses make their life easier.

We have an extensive range of over 4000 products, the most popular of which are available to order online on our website www.beechfieldhealthcare.ie

Whatever your needs we can provide everything from bath lifts to assist getting in and out of the bath, to kitchen utensils that are easy to grip and use in your kitchen.

Click here to send Beechfield Healthcare an Email.
Telephone: 057 868 2304

Please note that while we have the above alliances, the above links do not imply that any external accreditations of Comfort Keepers cover the companies listed above.

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