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What Attributes Do Good Carers Need

Patricia McDonald from Kildare was a runner up in our recent ‘Carer of the Year’ awards. One of four finalists, it was an impressive achievement from our team of over 1200 home carers.

Patricia has been working as a carer since she left school. She started off with working in a nursing home and has been working with Comfort Keepers since 2012. Patricia works full-time with us, working six days a week. Her work is rurally based and she visits five or six clients each day spending an hour with each client.

I asked Patricia why she likes her job so much. She included feeling appreciated, finding her work rewarding, being out and about, meeting people as amongst the aspects she most enjoyed. Enjoyment is a huge feature of any job, after all, if you take pleasure in it, you’ll be good in the role and vice versa. If you are good at your job and feel appreciated, your enjoyment will increase.

Once you meet Patricia, you know she is good at her job. Softly spoken with a quiet smile, you can tell that attention-to-detail is important to her in her role.

What attributes do carers need to be good at their jobs?

  • The obvious one is caring – you have to be a caring person
  • Kind
  • A good communicator
  • Practical
  • Observant
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Conscientious
  • Capable

Vacancies in Home Care

We currently have a number of vacancies in our seventeen offices around the country.  You can search on our careers page by filtering for your region or area and seeing what jobs are available. Remember to check back weekly as this page is updated frequently.

Need Home Care?

Do your parents need more help around the home? Maybe your parent has had a fall or a stay in hospital and needs some short-term help? Do contact us if you would like to chat about possible home care for your parents and we can explain the whole process. Home care provision can be very flexible but most importantly, it ensures our clients are well cared for and safe and you (as the adult child) feels reassured.

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