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Home Care Role in Recognising Dementia Symptoms

Working in Home Care means that you will be caring for some clients with dementia. At Comfort Keepers, we provide training in caring for older people at varying stages of dementia so that you are fully equipped to respond professionally to any situation.

Recognising Dementia Symptoms

There are currently over 44,000 people in Ireland experiencing dementia. While many families initially think that a parent with dementia will have to go into a nursing home sooner rather than later, that isn’t necessarily the case at all. As people are often happier remaining in their own home, the same goes for those with dementia. Indeed, if the person is helped to stay active, they will maintain their skills and independence and skills for longer – which is where the importance of having a good carer is vital. A good home carer is trained how to respond to the changes in a person in a appropriate way, in such a way as to eliminate any confusion or upset and to ensure that the person is comfortable receiving assistance with their personal care.

As a Home Carer, you will be providing:

  • Respite care for family members caring for a loved one – Short term or long term ongoing care
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Companionship and general assistance
  • Intellectual activities to stimulate the mind.

As this article on ‘Tapping Into Dementia’ suggests, engaging with people using non verbal communication methods is effective in getting more responses from those with dementia. It can also strengthen the emotional bond too.

At Comfort Keepers, each client receives a review every three months (or more often if there are changes) and your client care manager will meet with you (as the home carer) and the client or the client’s family. What can sometimes happen is that the family haven’t noticed the symptoms of dementia but as you (the home carer) have been trained in recognising the onset of dementia, you will bring those signals to the attention of the client care manager and the family. As a result, the client’s care will change to reflect the diagnosis. Most clients will be able to remain at home for months and years with the help of a home carer which makes such a difference to their lives.

Irish Home Care Vacancies

Comfort Keepers is currently recruiting for excellent Home Carers in many of their offices. If you think you have what it takes to become a Comfort Keepers Home Carer, please apply here. You will be able to complete your training to FETAC Level 5 and we provide inhouse training in aspects of home care such as recognising dementia symptoms and working with clients with dementia.

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