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Why Be A Home Care Worker?

If you are wondering if homecare is the right choice of career for you, this might help you to decide. Working in homecare isn’t for everyone. It is true that some people just are not suited to the role but this makes it all the more special when carers find themselves in the ideal job, when they love heading out to work every day and when their clients love to see them walking in the door. Being a home carer takes special qualities, the most important being having a caring nature. Everything else can be taught, you can do courses in first aid and manual handling and all the other important aspects of home care, but being caring is a natural attribute.

Why Do Home Carers Enjoy Their Work?

Here are some of the quotes from some of our home carers in Comfort Keepers to demonstrate why they enjoy their role so much, why they moved from another career, why they consider it hardly work at all.

Michael Dempsey: “I enjoy chatting to my clients and making a difference to their day. I like seeing that they are happy and relaxed in my company. It feels good being able to remove any of their anxieties or worries.”

Jean Bennett: “I always wanted to be a nurse but after school, I went to work in a factory. I see my career in caring as a dream job. Being a good carer involves having an understanding for older people and having an interest in them as individuals.”

Philomena Heffernan: “I love seeing my clients thrive and knowing they are so happy being able to stay in their own homes and communities.”

Mark Graham: “I love my job, it often doesn’t feel like work at all. Being rurally based, it can mean there’s a drive between clients but that’s the only disadvantage.”

Mary Dooley: “I love seeing a smile on their faces when I walk in the door. I always pay attention to detail in helping them choose their clothes too and have had family members comment on how co-ordinated their clothes are. It’s the little details that can make all the difference.”

Sandra Kennedy: “I think the top qualities are being reliable and punctual (as some older people can become distressed if their carer is late), as well as being patient and understanding. Being a good listener is also important.”

Tippula Mangan: “I like the focus, the need to be organised, it gives a great sense of satisfaction. Every day is different, no two days are never the same.”

Mosunmola Kasali: “You must be a hard worker as caring for someone doesn’t just involve offering companionship, the hour goes by very quickly with lots to do.

A typical appointment with a client starts with greeting them and logging in. The tasks vary from cooking, doing laundry, some cleaning, helping them take a shower, doing some ironing, to having time to sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat. You do have to be regimental and organised particularly as most appointments are 60-90 minutes yet there is always time to chat over a cup of tea or while doing a task like ironing.

As you can see from the quotes above, home care is a rewarding career choice. It can be hard work, the time flies as you’re busy, and you’ll make great friends with many of your clients too.

Home Care Vacancies

Within Comfort Keepers, we have vacancies for home carers in many of our 17 offices. You can complete your training while working and we subsidise up to 80% of the cost of the training. Contact us or apply here for your new career as a Comfort Keepers Home Carer.

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