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What Makes A Good Carer?

At Comfort Keepers, we take pride in providing the best possible care for those who require home care. We work to recruit the best carers, we support them in their roles in various ways to ensure that they deliver the best care they possibly can for our clients.

Caring is an extremely rewarding profession, as mentioned by our carers of the year recently in their interviews. However, not everyone is naturally suited to the role of being a carer. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t caring individuals. It means that it takes very special people to be excellent carers, to look after clients as they would look after their own family members which is exactly what we aim to do at Comfort Keepers. We strive to ensure that all of our clients are cared for as well as any of us would care for our own family members.

What do we look for in a good carer? What makes one carer better than another? What qualities do people need in order to enter a career of being a carer? What qualifications do they need? Do read on to find out.

What Makes A Good Carer?

  • You need to enjoy spending time with people. The best carers are those who enjoy other people’s company, who want to make a difference to their day, those who have empathy for others situations and are happy to work to make them more content.
  • Being sensitive to other people’s needs – be it from understand the need to chat or be silent or understanding the personal care requirements that a person may need.
  • You enjoy feeling appreciated. We understand everyone enjoys feeling their efforts are appreciated but does your work give you a buzz, do you experience that feel good factor after making someone smile and making a difference to their day?
  • Qualifications are important now too. A healthcare qualification is desirable but not a necessity.  If you have not completed any QQI accredited training, you can start working towards achieving your full major award. You can complete it with our training provider  for a subsidised rate (up to 80%) if you wish or externally with another provider.
  • You will have to help people feel comfortable, safe and relaxed when helping them with personal care.  It is important to be understanding of other people’s personal care needs in addition to being friendly, approachable and helpful.

We are currently recruiting home carers for our increasing numbers of clients in locations all over the country. If you would like to become a carer for Comfort Keepers, do submit an application.

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