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Nursing Home Care or Home Care – which is the right fit for you?

As our loved ones get older, you may find that they need a little extra care and attention. They may be struggling to keep on top of their healthy eating, their diet and exercise or picking up their groceries. They might feel like the stairs are too much to handle, or that they are lonely. Depending on their situation, you might be wondering if you should hire a home care assistant, or look into nursing home care. If they have medical care needs, you might feel you need to provide them with home care assistants or perhaps you feel nursing home care might bring the best peace of mind and be the best option for you.

To help you make the best informed decision for you and your loved one, this article will look at the merits of both Homecare and Nursing Home care environments.

Nursing and Home Care: The main difference

The most obvious difference between nursing home care and homecare is the ‘home’ element. Nursing homes are specially designed residential units which provide 24/7 staffing and where individuals live in the nursing home full time. Home care on the other hand, allows the older person to remain in their own home while the care is provided. The carer visits the person in their home and assists them in any way they need and more often than not, a strong friendship/relationship is formed between client and carer.

Depending on the person, they might prefer the independence of staying in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Similarly, other people might prefer relocating to a nursing home because they will know there is help available 24/7 (bringing with it a certain peace of mind for both elderly persons and their loved ones that they have constant care close by). They might also prefer the social aspect of the nursing home environment.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes are communities and residents have the opportunity to be a part of the community and get involved in any and all activities they want. In a nursing home environment, there are always people around so residents get the opportunity to socialise with people, make new friends and it reduces their risk of feeling isolated or lonely.

Some people have relatively little medical care needs, but opt for nursing home living because they don’t want the responsibility of keeping a house, they feel it’s too big for them, and they would rather be surrounded by people.

Home Care

Home care is an option available to so many different people with a wide variety of needs. Home care assistants are all trained and qualified in QQI Level 5 Care Skills and manual handling, so no matter the requirements, home care staff are fully capable. Carers are matched with the older person based on their needs and capabilities. Sometimes, people wish to stay in their homes but just need help maintaining the house, picking up the shopping and having extra companionship in their day-to-day life. Other times, a more specialised service may be needed such as palliative care, dementia and Alzheimers care, bathing assistance and respite support. The services and skills provided by home care assistants are therefore tailored specifically to each person receiving the care.

Everyone is different

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when deciding how to care for older persons. Each have different personalities, different needs and requirements, which often requires a tailor-made approach. Some people prefer to be independent and would rather stay in the familiar surrounding of their homes, as they have friends and neighbours within walking distance. Others prefer to be around people, and would rather the community environment of a nursing home. Either way, it’s important that each individual receives the appropriate care that they need.

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