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Webinar Q&A: June 11

Thank you for attending our latest All-Ireland Webinar. We appreciate all of your amazing questions and the time you took out to participate. For anyone who missed it or needs reminding of anything from the Webinar, we’ve laid out your questions answered below.


One of my clients last week had reservations when I wore a facemask. What do I do in future? 

I can imagine for any clients with cognitive impairments how intimidating the masks may be. Unfortunately, they have to be worn. Safety first. There are ways of working with their NOK or your office to come up with ideas to make the situation better for them but the mask must still be worn. Please link in with your office. 


Would it be possible for carers to be paid fortnightly? 

Our first part might be some type of Flexi-pay. We sent out a survey in relation to this that was 60/40 for fortnightly pay. It’s hard to have multiple payroll options so we’re trying to ensure we have the right structures in place before we change it. 


I’m aware hospital and nursing staff have been tested for COVID. Is there plans to test us? 

This is based on Public Health. They first tested nurses and now there is less spread in the community. We advocate at an industry level for testing within in homecare. The next week or two will give us more information. If anyone is concerned about themselves or their clients please get tested following the process advised by public health. 


Is there any way I can get notifications on One Touch when I’m not actively in the app? 

We’re currently working on that with One Touch to ensure you get prompts through the phone.


I sent an email to payroll for them to contact me and they called when I was in service. How do I call them back? 

Please email them again. The address is manned and plenty of effort has been put into correcting and addressing your payroll queries. We will advise them of your feedback to ensure that in future they will call you a number of times until they reach you. 


I have been out of work for the last 3 months due to COVID as my son has a medical condition I was just wondering when I go back to work will I get my clients back?

If the clients are there yes. At this moment in time, continuity is important in ensuring clients’ safety. We will do our best. Stay in contact with the office – we absolutely know that people have had challenges over the recent months. 


If we’re not getting paid for cancelled shifts, why are clients names on the timesheet? 

It would have appeared up until the end of May. We’re waiting on information from the HSE in regards to any further pay agreement but what we’ve been told right now is there’s none. It’s easier to leave the visits allocated on the timesheet in case of any changes to HSE’s approach to this issue. We hope to have more clarity by next week. 


Can we apply for annual leave on the OneTouch app? 

Formally not yet. But we are working on it at the moment. The proper process of requesting holidays we’ll be launched on the app in the next couple of weeks. We will do training webinars specifically on holiday requests on the OneTouch app. 


Are there any carers with COVID?

I’m not going to go into details bar saying that Comfort Keepers’ exposures rates were very very low. It’s not fair to get into detail but we’ve done well. 


Will we get paid pension? 

We have tasked our HR team by looking at the pension for us all. That’s an ongoing piece of work and we would like to bring back an answer in the future. We do run a PRSA scheme if anyone wants to talk to HR about that. 

We also have a pensions advisor. Please link in with HR for further details. 


What age do you normally retire? 

We’ve never been ageist. We have many amazing people who want to keep working. Our retirement age is 67 and 68 but we are happy to do a rolling contract after that. 


We have worked very hard during this pandemic and we have put our lives on risk, I would like to know what the Government will do. You are our voices and we would like for you to do something and talk to the government about our salary because we are not well paid. Thank you.

You have been amazing. We continue to lobby for pay increases through our governing body the HCCI, which we are actively involved in. Believe me, this is constantly on top of our agenda. As long as we’re working together we are moving in the right direction. Most of our work is HSE and with the tender going into the third year, we will continue to address and ask about the pricing and pay. 


When you’ve recommended a friend and has been successful. How long do you have to wait for the bonus €500 to be paid?

There’s no limit but it does become taxable after the first one.  


How soon after starting will I be able to take annual leave?

Link in with your office and they will be able to guide you on this. 


When will we get uniform and how much does it cost? 

No cost – everyone will get 2 uniforms and new ones annually. We will replace any that gets ruined during work. 

Just to note around the sizing, something went wrong in the last batch. We always recommend you size up by one but even with that some of these were very tight. We will replace that batch.


I have a client who has no support from a family member and when I report issues regarding urine been dark in colour and bad odour. Her NOK doesn’t come to take a sample to GP for testing. Are we allowed to take a sample and drop off to GP office? 

No, it’s beyond our scope of process. However, that is highly concerning as a safeguarding issue. Notify your office so we can look into this. 

What we may be able to do is get a GP to do a house call to support the client. As a matter of urgency please contact me directly on the email Rosanna has sent to you. 


What month are we allowed to take our annual leave until?

Link in with your office and they will be able to guide you on this. Annual leave is annually and is accumulated from January to December each year. 


Just wondering do we get paid maternity leave?

Currently, we are looking into this for the future. At the moment, the state pays all maternity leave. Please speak to HR if you would like to learn more about this. 


Just wondering if a client has personal care is in a care plan, but the client doesn’t want the carer to do it, do we stay for the allocated time of visit?


You have to stay for the allocated time but please contact your office with any changes or deviations from your care plan so your Nurse Manager can look into this. 


Why are only some carers get paid for travelling when all of us have to pay the fare?

We don’t pay travel however in some exceptional circumstances where people are travelling significant distances, we have agreed a travel expense. There are some circumstances where we do offer travel allowances. Please contact for more information. 


When will the clients that have been cancelled be put back in for care?

All of our clients have been communicated with in relation to care and have been notified that can come back now. Please contact your office in relation to your own clients. 


Do carers who are with the company for a number of years get a pay rise or stay the same?

This is something we are currently working on and looking into. We hope to be able to facilitate this in the future. 


I got a payslip for last month but none the month before, can it be re-sent to me, please?

Of course. Please email and they will follow up on this. 


How many days do you receive for annual leave?

You are entitled to four weeks annual leave pro rata. If you have any questions on this please contact

I had a question about my Christmas Day pay, as l know another career got paid more money for that day than I did. If we are working on Christmas Day surely we are all entitled to the same amount per hour?

As this is an individual issue, please email and they will follow up on this with you. 


I would like to ask why we are not doing the Bike To Work Scheme? 

This is a good point and something we are absolutely willing to look into. If this is something you would like to do, we will work with you on it – please email


How do we get in contact with HR?



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