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There are a range of different options available to you for approaching self-funded care.

Understanding Homecare Costs

If you seek our care services, you can contact Comfort Keepers directly and have a free care consultation where we will discuss you or your loved one’s care needs and put a full support plan in place. If you are going to pay for homecare you or a family member, you may be able to claim tax relief on your homecare package. This includes all homecare services provided by Comfort Keepers.

How does tax relief work?

You can claim tax relief on homecare costs for yourself or a family member. This could be your spouse or civil partner along with their relatives as well. The important point is that the person receiving the care must be totally incapacitated. That means they need to have a disability that requires them to need a carer. The person receiving the care has to be totally incapacitated right through the tax year during which you claim the tax relief. You don’t need to provide proof of this straight away, nor do you need to take out homecare for the entire tax year.

You won’t be able to claim tax relief if your carer acts as a home help who only carries out housekeeping duties and you can’t claim tax relief for any homecare funding you get from the HSE or a local authority. If you plan to claim tax relief, you’ll need to do it each tax year. If two or more people are paying for the homecare, the tax relief will apply to each person depending on how much they paid towards the funding.

People who get a Dependent Relative Tax Credit or an Incapacitated Child Tax Credit are not eligible to claim. To learn more about Tax Relief head here.

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