Working with Comfort Keepers: Your Questions Answered

1. How do I apply for a job at Comfort Keepers?

Have a look at the roles that are currently available by selecting the Jobs tab and selecting either Carer Job or Office Job. If you require more information on any of the roles advertised you can call our dedicated recruitment team on 018921321.

2. Is previous experience required?

We are caring for the most vulnerable people in society and we require our carers to have relevant experience.  However we find this experience comes in a number of forms be it from paid employment, volunteer work or your own family experiences.  Our approach is that a kind caring person can be trained on how to deliver top quality care but you can’t train a person to be kind and caring. Therefore we place a large emphasis on the person and their approach to care.

3. Is a Healthcare qualification required?

A healthcare qualification is desirable but not a necessity. For those that have a full 120 credits QQI qualification there will be no need for you to complete the course again. For those that have a specific number of credits completed it means you will only have to complete those outstanding in the major award. For those that have not done any modules we have a partnership with a QQI accredited training company. It is a requirement if you join Comfort Keepers that you begin or start working towards receiving your full major award. If you do chose our partner company you can avail of a subsidised rate (up to 80%) or externally with another provider. Alternatively we also have a partnership with a QQI accredited online training provider. Please call us for more information.

4. Is there induction training?

We have a comprehensive 2 day induction course which will give you all the information you need to know about Comfort Keepers Policies and Procedures.  This two day course provides insight into being a carer and provides you with the necessary skills to get started in the role.   The manual handling section will provide you with the skills and knowledge to assist clients with their movements and mobility. The induction also gives everybody a great opportunity to meet their potential colleagues and share an enjoyable training experience with them.

5. Is a driving licence required?

This depends on the area where you live. For those areas not well serviced by public transport there will be a need for you to drive to clients. For those areas that are well serviced by public transport or in built up areas where walking is an option then driving will not be required.

6. How do the hours and shifts work?

We provide 24 hour care but the majority of our care visits are carried out between the hours of 7.30am to 10.00pm. Shifts within these hours can vary in length from 30 minutes up to several hours.  The most common shift is an hour long and we try very hard to create ‘runs’ which are shifts that are close together and in close proximity so that it reduces time and travelling.

7. Is it a full-time or part-time role?

The role is part-time and hours will depend upon the location and the amount of clients we have in that area. The amount of hours an employee will receive will also depend on their own availability, the more available you make yourself there is greater potential for you to receive more hours.

8. Is the work on week days or weekends?

Our service operates 365 days a year, and care is needed on both week days and weekends generally between the hours of 7.30am until 10.00pm.

9. Will you have the same clients each week?

Yes, your clients will be your permanent shifts and you will attend the same clients each week which will help you develop a great relationship with your clients. On occasions in order to help other carers you may be asked to cover other shifts for a short period of time.  These shifts will not interrupt your regular hours with your regular clients.

10. What is Comfort Keeper’s recruitment process?

This varies depending on the type of role and we’ll be able to advise as soon as you are shortlisted. For example, some of our roles will involve a couple of interviews whereas others will require one and attendance at induction training.

11. What documentation should I bring to interview?

Details of which documentation to bring along will be included in your invitation to interview, should you be selected but include photographic identification and previous written references.

12. Can I apply for more than one position?

Of course, but please ensure they are all positions which you have the experience and skills to do.  When applying for more than one position, please fully complete the application process (and submit your application) for one job, before applying for another one – as this will save you time in the long run.

13. I have applied for a job at Comfort Keepers - will I receive a personal response?

We’ll confirm receipt of your application immediately by email.  Unfortunately due to the number of people who want a career in home care we are unable to respond to every unsuccessful candidate.

14. I was not successful in the application process. Will I get feedback?

We receive a high number of applications and therefore cannot, unfortunately, provide feedback to everyone – however if you reached interview stage we try to provide feedback at this stage.

15. Issues with my online job application or Candidate Homepage, what should I do?

We usually find these types of issues are related to running an older version of web browsers. For optimum performance on our site, we recommend that you use one of the following browsers, either the latest version or the latest but one:
Internet Explorer

If you are running an older unsupported version of one of these browsers, you can download latest supported versions using the following links:

If you are still having any technical issues with the site please call us on 01 879 7777

16. I’ve applied before, can I reapply?

We welcome applications from previous candidates – whether you’d like to apply for a similar role again or apply for a different role altogether, providing you have suitable skills and experience for the role.

17. Why do I need a Garda Vetting Check?

The vast majority of our roles require a Garda Vetting Check due to the nature of our work. Garda Vetting checks will identify any previous convictions, cautions, reprimands, warnings etc. and take 4 – 6 weeks on average.

18. Sometimes there will be age restrictions, why is this?

For some roles at Comfort Keepers are obliged by regulations only to employ people over a certain age (this can be 18 years or 21 years depending on the role).

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