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9 Reasons Ireland Is A Great Country To Grow Old

Is Ireland a good country to grow old in?

Many of us might say ‘No’, we still have memories of pensioners having to protest to keep the “old age free travel” not to mention other cutbacks  and increasing expenses such as water charges and property tax but judging by this article in the Guardian, Ireland ranks amongst the best countries to live when retired.

What Makes Ireland Such A Good Country For Retired People?

  • 96.7% of people over the age of 50 feel their life has meaning (compared with those aged 35-49)
  • The percentage of people with an income half that of the national median is 7.6%. It would be great if it was lower but compare it to the US with 14.6% and Australia with 35.5%.
  • 95% of people over the age of 50 feel they have people they can call on if they need them – be they friends or family.
  • Ireland has a wonderful community spirit and long may it last.
  • Free television licence for over 70s.
  • Fuel allowance (means tested)
  • Free bus and rail travel in ROI and NI – this enables people to travel to visit family and friends not forgetting travel to medical appointments.
  • Our weather is generally kind and rarely prone to extreme temperatures or disasters.
  • There’s many community focused groups such as Volunteer centres, Daycare centres and Active Retired groups.

Ireland hopes to be the best small country to live in by 2016. There’s not long to go – what do you think we need to do to achieve such a claim?

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