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A Night of Stars

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The biggest news this month is our fabulous 2018 CK Stars Winners, announced last week at our annual awards dinner in Kilashee House.

It was a fantastic night with plenty of well-deserved winners, some serious glam and the greatest showman himself, Daithi O’Se, very much a part of the evening. Thanks to all the teams involved in creating a very memorable night! We’ve got all the photos and winners from the night for you to take a look! First, we’d like to say Congratulations to all our CK Stars this year, especially Margaret Casey, our North Dublin Nominee and WINNER of Carer of the Year 2018.

And the Winners are…

Carer of the Year 2018 – Margaret Casey

Margaret has worked with Comfort Keepers since 2013, she is caring, reliable and compassionate towards everyone she meets. Margaret’s relationships and professionalism with her clients is exemplary and she is committed to always providing the best possible care she can to her clients.

Carer of the Year 2018 Runners-Up – Jill Connolly & Richard Casey

Jill is a lady that is filled with compassion for both her colleagues and carers. She has a way of making people feel at ease with her warm smile. Jill knows her boundaries and is attentive to a person’s personal space, protecting her clients’ dignity is very important to her. Jill has a way of turning negativity into positivity which influences her clients and her colleagues.

Richard has been a Comfort Keeper since 2012 and works with children and young adults with a disability. He is compassionate and understanding of each of his client’s needs. He has built excellent relationships with his clients and their families who trust him to take their loved one out into the community, he provides much-needed respite for families who he has built a strong rapport with.

Carer of the Year Nominee – Sandra Daly – South Dublin

Sandra has worked with Comfort Keepers since 2013. Sandra is a well-respected and extremely valued member of her community. She is extremely compassionate to all clients and often visits old clients she no longer cares for in long-term facilities or hospital. Sandra has a great relationship with the office and has care and empathy throughout everything she does.

Carer of the Year Nominee – Mary Tierney – South East

Mary’s personality is infectious, she is good humoured and good fun and brings a smile to everyone’s face. She is loyal, caring and truly will go above and beyond to ensure every client receives the best care possible.

Carer of the Year Nominee – Sophie Dunican – Midlands

Sophie is an asset to the Midlands office. She cares very much about her clients and carries the Comfort Keepers mission statement by treating her clients as a member of her own family. She is caring, understanding and her clients feel very relaxed and comfortable in her company.

Carer of the Year Nominee – June Carroll – Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary

June puts her clients care above all else. She is always thinking about ways to make her client’s life easier. She shows great initiative with ideas to help her clients and make their lives easier. All her clients say she shows a great love for her job and that this really lightens their day.

Carer of the Year Nominee – Margaret Crean – Cork

Margaret is a very loyal carer to Comfort keepers, the clients she carers for and her colleagues. She is very caring and is a person that always puts others at ease. Margaret is a person born to care, it is so natural and clearly a vocation for Margaret. She is a carer to many and a friend to all.

Carer of the Year Nominee – Susana Casuyon – Galway

Susana has been with Comfort keepers since 2015, she is kind, bubbly and always has a smile on her face. Clients regularly remark on her kindness. Susana has all the fine qualities of a caring person and is a fantastic ambassador for Comfort Keepers.

Customer Service Person of the Year 2018 – Katie Martin

Katie oozes Customer Service in everything she does, from her knowledge of Comfort Keepers and the service we provide to her support of teams throughout the country. We have seen Katie grow enormously over the time she has worked with Comfort Keepers and we look forward to seeing her achieve great things in the future. A true Comfort Keepers ambassador.

Rookie of the Year 2018 – Shane O’Grady

Shane has thrived since becoming a coordinator with Comfort Keepers. He has shown an eagerness to learn and support clients and their fellow colleagues. His manner on the phone is warm and welcoming and he constantly displays genuine care and interest to all he comes into contact with. A helpful help on countless occasions for our on-call team and a former Comfort Keepers carer.

Leader of the Year 2018 – Vivienne Darcy

Vivienne has had a year jam-packed full of change, growth, and restructuring and she has truly risen to the challenge showing exceptional leadership skills along the way. A leader is someone that helps themselves and others to do the right thing, they set direction, build an inspiring vision and create something new. Vivienne has mapped out for her team where they needed to go and has created a dynamic, exciting and inspiring path for her team to follow.

Team of the Year 2018 – Lorna, Una, Edwina, Mairead, Nadine and Margaret – Limerick/Clare, North Tipperary Team.

The winners of Team of the year 2018 are worthy winners because they have always shown engagement with their clients and are truly quality focused in everything they do. Their relationships in the community are extremely strong and they are highly regarded by their HSE colleagues with regular compliments received.

Employee of the Year 2018 – Ruth Collins

Ruth is truly positive, engaging and friendly to everyone she comes into contact with. She has a lovely manner and is an advocate for the clients she cares for. The energy Ruth exerts is infectious and she is always there to help any member of staff in any way possible. Nothing is too much trouble no matter how busy her own workload is. A true professional, since her move to Santry from our Galway office she has shone as a leader, an advocate and a mentor to many.

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