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Aldi Play Rugby Sticker Collection

We’re Collecting for Aldi’s Play Rugby Sticker Competition!

We’re collecting Aldi stickers for St. Mary’s National School, why not donate your stickers to our collection.

As the official supermarket of the IRFU, Aldi’s giving primary schools the chance to win €50,000 to develop their playing facilities and help more kids live a healthy and active lifestyle. Entering and taking part is easy, find out how you can enter here

We are collecting stickers on behalf of St Marys National School in Saggart and if you’d like to help you can send your stickers to your local office or to Katie Martin in our marketing department at John’s Stree, Ardee, Co Louth.

Would you like you to do something for your school? Contact us with details and we will be happy to promote this for you?

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