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Carer of the Year Finalists and Winner

Here are the four finalists for the 2015 Carer of the Year. As you know from our previous post, Jean Bennett was our overall winner and crowned Carer of the Year.

Jean Bennett Carer of the Year

Michael Dempsey was representing the Dublin North region and he works from the DN7 office. Michael clearly loves working as a home carer and he puts the ability to be good at your job as down to the 3C’s : Communication (being able to chat to people and make a difference to their day), Companionship (making people feel happy in your company) and Care (being able to look after people).

Julie Condren (Operations Manager), Michael Dempsey, Brid Gould (Managing Director)

Tippula Mangan is from Cork  and has been working with Comfort Keepers for nearly nine years and when I asked her what she enjoys most about her work, she gave me three reasons:

  1. I love working with different people all the time, working with people on a one-to-one basis and giving them individual time.
  2. Every day is different, no two days are never the same.
  3. I like the focus, the need to be organised, it gives a great sense of satisfaction.

Orla Condren (Operations Manager), Tippula Mangan, Brid Gould (Managing Director)

Mosunmola Kasali is in her final year of studying social care. Not only does she have the time and dedication to be a home carer but she is so good, she represented the Dublin South region as a finalist in the Carer of the Year. Mosunmola believes that carers need to:

1. Have passion – they need to have passion and enthusiasm for their career, they should feel inspired going to work each day.

2. They must have empathy and be able to understand how others are feeling.

3. They must understand that someday they will be old and therefore treat people as they want to be treated or treat all clients as though they are members of their own family.

4. They must be hard workers as caring for someone doesn’t just involve offering companionship, the hour goes by very quickly with lots to do.

5. They must get on well with their colleagues and co-operate well when working a double shift.

John Sheridan (Operations Manager), Mosunmola Kasali, Brid Gould (Managing Director)

Job Vacancies

If you think you would like to work as a home carer, and maybe even be nominated for the Carer of the Year award in the future, do get in touch as we have lots of job vacancies around the country. Whether you are looking to work in school hours, at weekends, mornings and evenings, we may have the perfect job for you. As with Mosumnola’s example, it is a perfect job for someone studying a healthcare or social care qualification as you can work at weekends and evenings and you’re learning all the time as well as adding valuable experience to your curriculum vitae. You can complete the training while working too.

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