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Comfort Keepers Education and Support Event July 2014

On Thurs July 17th Comfort Keepers held an educational and support event for family members of our clients. This gave both the staff of Comfort Keepers and family members of our clients the chance to meet and share experiences and information.

The aim of the event was to provide support and information to family members who are caring for their loved ones. A lot of family members don’t think of themselves as carers and yet they do such fantastic work in looking after their loved one and providing them with home care.

Topics such as Caring for yourself – tips to looking after you the carer, challenges for caring for a loved one at home and Safe Handling and Moving techniques at home were covered during this event. These sessions were delivered by Saffa Musleh our Training Manager and Patrick Towey who works in our training dept.  The audience were very much engaged and had plenty of questions for our trainers.

The topics focused on assisting carers to look after themselves and bring awareness to the importance of their own welfare while caring for someone. It was also aimed at giving support to the carer by outlining common ways in which carers may forget to look after themselves and how to ensure they are supported.

This event was a great success and those who attended found it a great source of information and support. Comfort Keepers look forward to holding more of these events throughout the year in the Dublin region.  Please keep a look out on our Facebook page and blog for the next available Educational and Support event coming to your area.


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