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Comfort Keepers, Your JobFairy, Needs You

Why are their job vacancies for Home Carers at the moment? In Comfort Keepers Home Care, we have vacancies for home carers in many of our seventeen offices around the country. There’s a number of reasons for this:

Quality Home Care

As a Home Care company, our ethos has always been to look after our clients as if they are our own family. Older people need and deserve assistance that is of the highest calibre from caring people. Apart from doing background checks and taking up references, we do our utmost to ensure that the people we hire are caring, reliable, punctual and perfect for the job.

Don’t let that put you off applying. Let us decide if you are right for  Comfort Keepers at this time. Next week we’ll be bringing you some tips from one of our interviewers on what to expect when coming for an interview. We want you to commit to giving top quality care with each and every client you visit. We want you to realise that homecare isn’t just about chatting to people or helping them with the crossword (although it can involve that too). Home care is also about helping people with personal care, of reminding them to take their medication, of being cheerful and empathetic. There will be a two day induction course prior to starting the modules. The modules can be taken while working full-time.

We want to hire the best carers and we will train you to become the best.

Living Longer

It is a fact that we are living for longer. It isn’t unusual now for people to live to the full century. Therefore, there are more people living on their own who require a little help to maintain their independent living. Some require a little company, some require help with personal care.

There are just more people who require home care – that is all.

Want to Live At Home

It’s a fact that people want to stay living at home for as long as they possibly can. Apart from the fact that nursing homes can be expensive, the majority of people prefer to stay within their own community, with their own routine, surrounded by their favourite things, to continue living with a pet, to watch their favourite programmes at a time that suits them, and sleep in their own bed.

We believe that if a person wants to stay living at home, they should be able to do so. In the vast majority of cases, even for those with a diagnosis of dementia, people are able to stay living independently at home for many many years – all with an hour of help each day from a home carer.

That’s where you come in. The jobfairy needs you. We have vacancies for home carers in most of our 17 offices around the country. Perhaps you are looking for a change of career (as Joanna did in 2012), or you’re considering returning to the workforce now children are in school, or you’ve been caring for an elderly relative and would now like to work in that area.

Check our Careers page for current vacancies. If there isn’t a vacancy in your area today, do check back next week.

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