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Covid-19 Support: Services & Resources

The best way to avoid misinformation, rumours and panic around the spread of Covid-19 is to stick to the facts from official sources that are dealing with all developments.

We’ve collected a series of accurate and trustworthy sources to deal with any questions or queries you may have around Covid-19 in your workplace, community and further afield. 


Update: Essential Services

With the current restrictions of services and movement, there’s a list of essential services that are still in operation.

Watch the speech made by Leo Varadkar, An Taoiseach, outlining the current set of changes.


HSE COVID-19 Updates

The HSE COVID-19 Updates provides up-to-date news on the developing knowledge they about Coronavirus. It shares only HSE approved information for identifying symptoms, medical procedures and more specific details.

Department of Foreign affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs offers information relevant to how Coronavirus is affecting travel and the best approaches to take whilst the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen’s Registration allows Irish citizens overseas to register for support in case of emergency.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization provides daily updates on the status and impact of Covid-19 globally.

Health Protection Surveillance Centre 

HSE presented information for people working in healthcare and industries with public engagement.

HSE Live

The HSE helpline for all questions and queries. Contact the HSE on 0416850300, 8am – 8pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Government of Ireland

Updates from the Department of Health

Community Health Organisations

Get to know the Community Health Organisations in your area.


Visual resources


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