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Some Of My Favourite Blogs – Grannymar and Grandad

Following on from our post on the Google and Age Action Silver Surfer awards recently, I’d like to share two of my favourite Irish blogs with you, both of them written by ‘older’ bloggers and both of them have been blogging for many years.

Head Rambles is written by an Irish grandad, claiming he is a ‘cantankerous auld fella’. Having met him, I can promise he is a lovely gentleman who writes his blog with wit and flair. We all need a touch of humour sometimes when digesting the latest politics or current affairs and that is exactly what Head Rambles offers its readers.

I have just realised something.

Trying to be happy makes me miserable.

But being miserable makes me happy.

Normal service will resume………….Extract from Happy Mondays

He freely admits that he likes being a ‘Victor Meldrew’ type of character, that he enjoys being grumpy, that being miserable makes him happy – there’s a certain irony there but I think we would all admit that we all have days when we aren’t as cheerful as we might like and yes, sometimes it is just nice to curl up with chocolate, coffee and a good film and enjoy the sight of horrible rain lashing against the window and complain about the world from our own little world. He is certainly fitting the stereotype of the grumpy old man even though he isn’t really grumpy – it all adds up to make a humourous read.

Grannymar has her own unique style that really hasn’t altered at all over the years. Grannymar shares stories of her life – from past reflections, childhood memories, cooking tips, crochet tutorials, reflections on ageing, jokes, funny stories and I particularly enjoyed this recent post on Irish proverbs – many of which were new to me.

What both of these blogs show is how both writers enjoy interacting with their readers, how they have made friends all over the world because of their blogs and how writing gives them the time and space to reflect on life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see more people taking to sharing their stories with their readers.

If you haven’t started reading blogs as yet, I hope you enjoy reading both of these. If you are a regular reading of blogs, do share your favourites with us.

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