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If Life Begins At 40, What Happens At 60?

If life begins at 40, what happens when you get to 60?

Many younger people see the seventh decade as the start of retirement, of starting to take it easy, of finishing up paid employment and perhaps spending more time on hobbies, on going on holidays, playing golf, being an empty nester. Some will dread it, others can’t wait.

Julie Condren (Operations Manager), Michael Dempsey, Brid Gould (Managing Director)

I decided to ask a few people what they liked about being in their sixties.  The general consensus was that being 60 is also a great age.

You can enjoy the fruits of your labour if you have children and appreciate seeing them do well in the world – perhaps even enjoy the company of grandchildren.

You have more time to yourself and to enjoy your hobbies of baking, golf cycling, reading, and gardening – whatever it might be. Many people take to writing or painting for the first time in their lives and enjoy letting their creativity flow.

There is less call on your time so there’s no guilt about having a long lie-on with a good book on a Saturday morning. Spending time with friends for lunch or coffee happens more often as does catching up with friends and family on social media.

Exercise isn’t necessarily about ensuring your body looks well (although it is an advantage) but the pressure is off.  You now exercise to maintain health, fitness, strong bones and all the benefits that go with it – because you know it makes you feel better but moderate exercise is sufficient for most.

What About A New Career at Comfort Keepers?

As there is an income coming in from a pension and the mortgage is paid off, there is often less financial pressure. Many people become volunteers once they retire, spending time working in charity shops or helping out at local events. Some people decide to start working again and in Comfort Keepers, we have a number of carers who took early retirement and then for one reason or another, took to part-time or full-time work as a home carer.

To give you an example, Michael Dempsey, one of our Carer of the Year finalists, retired three years ago and decided he had much more to give and now works full-time as a home carer.

Being in your sixties seems to mean being even more content, happier, calmer, more reflective, more patient with the world and those in it. It doesn’t mean you have to cease working. If you are looking for a different career, Comfort Keepers has a number of vacancies in offices around the country so do apply today.

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