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Carer of the Year Interview with Nora Carter of Carlow Kilkenny Waterford Office

Nora Carter is representing the Carlow-Kilkenny-Waterford area in the 2015 Carer of the Year Award. She has been working as a homecarer for nine years, three of them with Comfort Keepers Home Care. She works full-time and cares for eight clients at the moment. She sees some for 45 minute appointments and others for an hour or 90 minutes. It’s a busy time as duties include helping them shower, or washing their hair, helping them get dressed, a little housework, serving up dinner, having a cup of tea and a chat.


I asked Nora what makes a good carer:

  • A good homecarer will listen attentively to what people say and will pay attention to them
  • Ask how they feel; if seeing them in the morning, ask them how their night’s sleep was, and if seeing them in the afternoon, ask them about their day so far.
  • Provides good company
  • Is attentive to any changes in behaviour or mood
  • Check everything is as it should be and the client is happy before they leave the house.

Nora says she was shocked when she heard she was the office winner, that she couldn’t believe it. She feels she is constantly learning and talking to her, you can tell that her bubbly personality would make her popular with clients. She’s extremely positive and jolly, and puts a person at ease right away. She says the office support is wonderful, that the girls are very helpful and organised and it all makes her job much easier.

We wish Nora well for the rest of the process. The four finalists will be announced soon and the overall winner will be announced on 13th November.

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