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Irish Home Care Jobs & Why Home Carers Are Needed

Why do people need home carers? Why are they in such demand now? We all know about the shortage of beds in hospitals. Imagine you’ve had a fall. You broke your collarbone and had to spend a number of weeks in hospital. You live alone and the hospital nurses suggested you move to a nursing home for a few weeks to recuperate.

Nursing homes are full. Your option include waiting for a nursing home place or remaining in hospital. You know they need the bed for people who are sick rather than recuperating and in any case, you can’t wait to get home. You love your home, your community, your own routine. Your expression saddens when you hear their suggestions. Your family live far away, they can visit at the weekends but it’s not possible for them to pop in and out and check up on you or help you. Your dog is being looked after by a neighbour but you can’t wait to see him too. You’re also a little nervous about losing your ability to live independently if you go to a nursing home. What if you have to stay longer than a few weeks? You were getting on fine before the fall and you’re determined to go on as before. However, you need help. What is the solution?

The solution is home care whereby a fully trained professional home carer visits you in your home regularly – perhaps daily, perhaps a few times a week, maybe on a temporary basis or it could be a permanent arrangement. Everyone’s circumstances are different, the care provided will vary but the essence will remain the same.

What do you need from your home carer? After the hospital stay, you will need a number of visits during the day and perhaps someone to stay for the first night or two as well and then it will lesson. You’ll need help in the mornings getting washed and dressed. The home carer can change your bedlinen and do some light housekeeping, helping you to get your breakfast. If you haven’t opted to received ‘meals on wheels’, you might want some help preparing and cooking your main meal of the day. If you’re hesitant with walking after the fall, your home carer can accompany ou on a walk, linking arms so you have support. You may want some companionship to help you settle back into your routine. You might be longing to get home but it might be a little lonely initially while you adjust after the buzz of people in the hospital.  Your needs might be some or all of the above.

You need a good home carer, a professional who will make you feel happy and safe, who will care for your emotional and physical well-being. That is why Comfort Keepers has vacancies for more home care jobs. We need more professional homecarers to fill the demand.

Home Care Jobs

These circumstances are just one of the reasons why Comfort Keepers needs caring and professional home carers around Ireland. Home Care helps people to stay living independently in their own home. If home carers aren’t available, their health is at risk plus more people would have to go into nursing homes.

If you feel you would like to help someone in these ways and work as a home carer, do look on our vacancies page to see if there is a home care vacancy in your area.


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