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Make a JOY! List

Taking time to enjoy the simple things that bring your client a little joy can make all the difference at Christmas when things get hectic and we risk getting caught up in the bustle and stress. Make a joy list of simple activities you know relax your client and make them happy.

  • It is your presence that counts, celebrations can be simple;
  • Reminiscence about past holidays and events can trigger happy memories;
  • Singing or listening to music can be a lovely way to spend time together;
  • Bring favourite book, photographs or music to enjoy together;
  • Watching an old movie;
  • Sorting colour beads, lego and colourful items can focus the mind when distracted.
  • Hand massage, brushing hair or aromatherapy can all be enjoyable for a person with advanced dementia.

Why not try adding some activities of your own? Simple things unique to your clients are great additions to the Joy List.

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