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Home Care: ‘Making A Difference’ says Philomena Heffernan

Philomena Heffernan is the Limerick Carer of the Year for 2015 and we’d like to extend our congratulations to her. Philomena has been working in care for over a decade: five years in a nursing home, two years providing care privately and almost four years for Comfort Keepers Home Care.

Philomena Heffernan Limerick

She says she gets great satisfaction from her job and admits that she is definitely a people person. Somewhat bashful at achieving her award, she does admit that she loves that her roles makes a difference in people’s lives. She sees her clients thrive and remain content by being able to stay in their own homes. Philomena enjoys the variety of seeing different clients and within the relaxed atmosphere of their homes.

Philomena takes one day off midweek and works the weekend days. Her children are grown now and have their own lives. She finds it is nice to have a whole day off mid week so she can go to the bank and get things done that aren’t necessarily possible if off at the weekend.

We wish Philomena well for the rest of the process. The overall winner for the 2015 Carer of the Year will be announced on 13th November.

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