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Meet Mark Graham: DSW3 Carer of the Year

Mark Graham has been working as a homecarer for 3 years and this year, in 2015, he is the DSW3 Carer of the Year. We’d like to congratulate Mark on his achievements. After all, as a home care company, we are as good as our carers. It is our carers who are the people on the road, treating clients as if they were their family members, and spreading the reputation that Comfort Keepers is a company to be trusted when it comes to looking for someone to care for your parents, aunts or uncles.

DSW3 Carer of the Year

Mark became a carer when he cared for his uncle. He then decided to train for a professional role and now works full-time hours for Comfort Keepers, usually working mornings until lunch-time, having some time off in the afternoon and then working again in the evenings.

Talking to Mark, you’d know he is patient and easy-going. As he says himself, he loves the job so it quite often doesn’t feel like work. He believes the best carers are good communicators and can empathise with their clients. They put themselves into their shoes so they understand what is needed in terms of care. Most appointments are for one hour although they can vary from thirty minutes to two hours. The care required can vary: sometimes it is helping clients to shower and shave, sometimes it’s accompanying them for a walk or doing the crossword together over a cup of tea.

Comfort Keepers is often looking for more carers and yes, we need more male carers too. If you believe you are right for the job, do check out our careers page and get in touch.

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