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National Carers Week Interview

This week is National Carers Week and we are interviewing Moyra Garvey, runner up in 2013 Carer of the Year, chosen and judged from over 1200 carers. Moyra has been working with Comfort Keepers for two years and spends 24 hours a week working as a carer with our clients.

Moyra, many congrats on doing so well in the Carer of the Year competition, can you tell me what you think makes a good carer please?

I believe good carers have to be compassionate, patient, enjoy their job and be understanding of other people’s needs.

I can tell by your tone that you enjoy your job very much, what is it about caring that makes it such a good role for you? 

It is lovely to be there for someone, my clients are always glad to see me, I like spending time with them and enjoy their company. Depending on the person and their needs on that particular day, we might just sit and chat, we sometimes go to the shops, we might read the newspaper together and discuss the various stories.  With some clients, I will prepare them a meal or help them with personal care. My job really makes me feel appreciated so every day has a ‘feel good’ factor to it.

Why is National Carers Week so important do you think?

It is good for all carers to receive recognition for the work they do but particularly for family carers as many of them will provide care around the clock.  So, it is important to meet with other carers and chat about the role, about similarities and differences, ask any questions and enjoy the companionship of chatting with like minded people.  At Comfort Keepers, we do provide family members with respite care where we support them in their own caring role. National Carers Week emphasizes the huge contribution of carers as well as the importance of respite for family carers so that they receive support and information as well as encouragement and someone to talk to about the care for their loved one.

Thank you, Moyra, for your time and for sharing your thoughts with us.

So, if you would like to take part in any of the carers week events, you will find full details on the National Carers Week website. If you have any questions about accessing respite care or home care, do get in touch with us at Comfort Keepers and we will assist with any queries.

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