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The Carer of the Year 2015: Jean Bennett

We are delighted to announce that Jean Bennett, from the DSE2 Comfort Keepers office, is the 2015 Carer of the Year. Jean worked in a factory before working as a carer in a nursing home and then coming to work for Comfort Keepers seven years ago. You can also read our recent interview with Jean which took place before the overall winner was announced.

Jean Bennett Carer of the Year

Today I’m going to bring you a snapshot into the life of a home carer as Jean reveals what she does as part of her home care role. If you are considering a career in homecare (and yes, we have vacancies in many of our offices so do apply), you should read this to help you decide if it is the right career for you.

This is typical of Jean’s day for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

At 9 o’clock Jean visits her first client of the day. She clocks in, washes her hands and gives her client breakfast of a cut orange, tea and toast. While that is being eaten, Jean rinses out some clothes and makes the bed. She will then remind her client to take her medication and chats while doing the washing up. She then hoovers and cleans the bathroom. When leaving, she will sometimes leave laundry across to the launderette too to be collected later. Jean leaves around 10:10 and arrives at her next client’s house for 10:30.

While many clients will have visits of 60-90 minutes, Jean stays with this client from 10:30 until about 5:30. Her tasks include sometimes helping her get dressed, applying eyedrops at intervals during the day, washing up, ironing, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, dusting, making lunch and helping her to walk around and bring her to the bathroom. Jean says although there is plenty of time, it can be surprising how quickly the time goes as there’s a lot to be done.

Jean then visits her final client of the day for half an hour. This visit involves heating his dinner, checking on things and having a chat.

Jean works every second Sunday and it’s a very busy day. She helps her first client to shower and get dressed before making breakfast. While he is eating breakfast, she will clean the bathroom, wash the floors and change the bedding. Jean then visits two other clients to help them get dressed if necessary and then help with breakfast before travelling back to the first client to give him lunch. She then has a couple of hours off before making a final visit in the evening around 5:30.

Jean is able to walk to most of her clients and takes the bus to visit one lady. As you can see, it makes for a busy week. She is delighted to have won the Carer of the Year for 2015 and really didn’t expect it as she sees what she does as ‘ordinary’. We wish Jean well with her future career and hope you join with us in congratulating her on her wonderful achievement.

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