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The Irish Live For Longer

Do you know what the life expectancy is for the average Irish person?

Do you know if it is higher or lower than the rest of Europe?

Did you know that Irish people have a much higher life expectancy than the EU average person?

New data shows that Irish people have longest life span in the European Union. The study, published by the Department of Health, found that over 80% of Irish people reported having very good quality of health.

The report, titled ‘Health in Ireland: Key Trends 2022’, shows that Irish women are living an average of 84 years. This is in comparison to 81 years on average for men. This places Ireland ahead of the remaining 27 EU nations in terms of longevity. Countries including Spain and Cyprus also placed high on the ranking of average life expectancy in EU member states.

What about men?

The data also revealed that Irish male life expectancy in particular was consistently high when compared to other EU countries. While Ireland’s life expectancy has increased by an average of two years since 2010, short term trends indicate this dipped between 2019-2020, likely due to the impacts of the global pandemic.

While Ireland is showing increasing signs of an ageing population in the last decade, the good news is that the country continues to see reductions in mortality rates. This increase in life expectancy is attributed to a reduction in the number of smokers nationwide, as well as better care of patients suffering from cancer and other illnesses such as heart disease.

Are you surprised by these findings?

 It confirms Ireland is a good place to live, doesn’t it?

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