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Third Age Ireland

Have you heard of Third Age Ireland? Third Age is a voluntary organisation. It recognises and celebrates the third age in life, that stage when people are retired. One of the aims of Third Age is to demonstrate that older people contribute to their communities and society, and to help them remain healthy and fulfilled.

Given that older people are often marginalised, a policy and philosophy of social inclusion underpins all programmes. This extends to older people living in long-stay residential care, Travellers, non-Irish nationals and through the generations.

Third Age plays a role in championing older people locally, nationally and internationally in a range of initiatives, including the challenge of negative perceptions and the representation of older people when policies are being decided.

Third Age runs a number of programmes and there are plans to increase these as time moves on, altering to meet changing times if necessary. There’s also a vast choice of courses in Summerhill and they are also available to older people in nursing homes. From dancing to computer classes, and keep fit classes to reflexology sessions, there’s a good choice there.

Older people are encouraged to volunteer and take part in other organisation. Voluntary work is unpaid work or services for other people or organisations. A large body of literature documents the positive benefits of volunteerism in terms of increased psychological well-being.  It can be a way to feel useful and fulfilled and there is good evidence that volunteering can help you live longer and enjoy life more. Volunteering provides companionship as well as keeping active and using mental and physical energy.

Comfort Keepers Home Care was delighted to support the work of Third Age by sponsoring the decorating of the Gingerbread Village in December. Great fun was had by all and we look forward to being involved again in 2015.

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