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What Do Home Carers Do?

As a carer, what would you do every day in your work? If you are wondering exactly what work as a home carer is like, this will give you an idea.

Caring With Personal Care

Some clients will need some help with their personal care, be it showering, washing hair, or getting dressed. You will receive training in delivering personal care along with completing a module in manual handling.

Caring With Light Housekeeping

Many clients are either able to cook their own meals or will have a dinner delivered. However, they will need some help with their housekeeping. This can vary from washing the kitchen floor, hoovering, dusting, ironing some clothes or cleaning the kitchen.

Caring With Companionship

An important part of caring is providing companionship, being a person that a client looks forward to seeing every day. Therefore, while you’re ironing, you’re chatting and having a banter. You’re chatting about the national news or things that have happened locally. You might be helping a client to do the crossword or listening to their stories from times past.

Caring With Exercise

Exercise is important for the quality of our health. Half an hour of exercise a day can keep us fit, make us feel happier and more content, reduce chances of depression and it might even slow any onset of dementia. Research now suggests that the half an hour of mild exercise (walking, cycling, jogging) can help us to live up to 7 years longer. Of course, while it is never too late to start exercise, people starting exercise in their fifties and sixties will benefit. Some clients may need a walking companion, someone to link their arm while ou for a daily walk and it is important that regular exercise is maintained.

Of course, every day is different. The care each client requires will be different and you’ll be trained to react if you notice that circumstances or a person’s condition changes. Some carers work full-time and might see up to six clients in a day. Others might see two or three clients each day. If you feel caring is the right career for you, do apply here by choosing the office closest to your location.

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