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Why Work As A Home Carer?


Why work as a home carer?

Why work for Comfort Keepers?

When chatting to a number of our home carers recently, we asked them why they like their choice of careers so much. Many had the same responses so we have paraphrased them here to share the ten most popular reasons why working as a professional home carer is satisfying as well as enjoyable:

  1. I love working in a job where I am appreciated so much. My clients notice what I’ve done for them and it makes them happy too.
  2. I love making a difference to other people’s lives. I know what I do helps them to stay living independently in their own homes and my clients love to see me walking in the door.
  3. I have wonderful relationships with my clients. While I am doing their ironing or washing the floor, we’re laughing and chatting and having a banter. They enjoy telling me their stories, sometimes from years ago and I get pleasure from listening to them.
  4. I get great job satisfaction from my job and I love hearing good feedback from my reviewer.
  5. I enjoy the challenges, I like the responsibility of looking out for my clients and taking note if anything seems amiss.
  6. I enjoy the social interaction with clients and then meeting up with other carers at the Christmas party and other events.
  7. We get great support from the staff in our local office which makes a huge difference.
  8. I look forward to seeing my clients’ reaction when I walk in the door as they look forward to seeing me each day.
  9. My role is now a mixture of caring, client reviews and doing spot checks and I enjoy the variety.
  10. I treat my clients as though they are my own parents. Old age is going to come to us all so I care for people as I would like to be treated myself.

As you can see, our home carers get immense satisfaction from their work, feel supported in their roles and enjoy making a difference in the lives of others. If you would also like to work as a professional home carer, do check out the nearest office to you to see our current job vacancies.

Home Care Job Vacancies

Comfort Keepers now has a number of home care vacancies across its 17 offices. If you would like to work in homecare, we hope these tips will help you succeed with your application. We look forward to meeting you at interview soon.

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