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Your Self Care Advent – 12 Days Taking Care of YOU!

Ah Christmas, a time when we’re equally excited and stressed. Worried about getting ahead on work before the holiday, organising family gatherings, and then there are the gifts!

It’s not hard to find reasons to feel overwhelmed about the holidays and lose sight of the joy & cheer all around us. We’ve come up with an advent calendar with a difference, a Self-Care Advent, with 12 small daily things to keep you relaxed and get you fully into the holiday spirit!

Day 1. Deep Breathing

You’ve probably heard someone suggest that you “take a deep breath!” especially if you were upset at the time. But deep breathing is extremely effective! Take five deep breaths (moving your abdominals outward when you inhale) from the diaphragm and hold for just a moment before slowly releasing your air in a steady stream. This can slow your heart rate and bring much-needed oxygen to your brain for a clear mind!

Day 2. Offer Help

Offer help. Something as small as holding a door for another, carrying someone’s bags, or showing kindness, in general, can contribute to our greater sense of purpose! Be generous of your time and efforts today!

Day 3. Ask for Help

We know this one is a bit more challenging. It can be difficult to ask for help and reach out for support, but in doing this you are inviting people into your life and creating support for yourself in the process.

Day 4. Try Meditation

That is, try it if you haven’t already. Meditation can make a dramatic difference in your life. Feel more grounded and focused throughout the day, and if you meditate right before bedtime, it helps you sleep better too! There are some amazing apps to get you started. Simple Habit is a great one.

Day 5. Write a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a list of things you are grateful for today. Challenge yourself! Aim for one handwritten page of gratitude. This practice brings the positive into focus and the negative out of frame. When you find you are stuck in a negative mindset reach for your gratitude journal to set you back on track.

Day 6. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

This is one of our favorites! Feed your soul and spend some time with a friend, family member, or spouse. Give yourself permission to set aside your responsibilities for some quality time.

Day 7. Go for a Walk Outside

It may be cold, but fresh air is good for your physical body and your mind. You will be spending a lot of time inside over the winter season, so take a moment to smell the fresh air, hear the wind rustling, and enjoy the beautiful world around you.

Day 8. Treat Yourself

Instead of focusing on the end of the day. Pick up a coffee, tea, or treat just for you before your day even starts. Everyone else may be watching their clocks, but you can enjoy some holiday spirit all day long.

Day 10. Sit Down & Read

For fun. No articles for work, books for a project, or emails are allowed! Pick up something you might enjoy and sit down with a warm cozy blanket. You deserve this time to rest and enjoy the holiday season.

Day 11. Say Thank You

It’s Christmas Eve and you might be spending time with your family. Take a moment to tell someone “thank you”. You have been giving to yourself so generously for the last twelve days, and now you have joy in your heart to give to the people you love. This is why we self-care so that we can be our best selves every day of every season.

Day 12. Relax

You made it, Christmas Day! Sit back and relax, enjoy the family, food, festivities, and fun.

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