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What are the best things about being over 60?

I have to admit, I am not 60.  I’m in my forties as I write this but recently I was mulling over how I had dreaded becoming 40, how it signalled the end of my 30s and how I felt I was heading into middle age.  However, I have discovered that life really does begin at 40. The most wonderful part of being over 40 is that your self confidence increases, you are less concerned about what people think and as your self esteem grows, you try more things. Have you noticed the number of women in their 40s who are publishing books – books that have languished under their beds or in their heads for years, languishing without the courage to bring them forth to the world?
With this in mind, I decided to ask a few people what they liked about being in their sixties.  The general consensus was that being 60 is also a great age.  You can enjoy the fruits of your labour if you have children and appreciate seeing them do well in the world – perhaps even enjoy the company of grandchildren.  You have more time to yourself and to enjoy your hobbies of baking, cycling, reading, and gardening – whatever it might be.  There is less call on your time so there’s no guilt about having a long lie-on with a good book on a Saturday morning. Spending time with friends for lunch or coffee happens more often as does catching up with friends and family on social media.
Exercise isn’t necessarily about ensuring your body looks well (although it is an advantage) but the pressure is off.  You now exercise to maintain health, fitness, strong bones and all the benefits that go with it – because you know it makes you feel better but moderate exercise is sufficient for most.
Being in your sixties seems to mean being even more content, happier, calmer, more reflective, more patient with the world and those in it.
What decade are you in? Is it better than previous decades ie is your 40s better than your 30s?

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