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It’s Good To Care

Have you ever considered that getting a job where you help or care for others doesn’t just help your pocket, it helps to improve your own emotional wellbeing?

Whether you decide to help others by volunteering or take up a caring career, not only are you aiding others in feeling better but it’s good for your health too.

Why It Is Good To Care

1. When you focus on someone other than yourself, it actually helps to rid your own body of tension and stress. Therefore, when caring for someone else, your own body relaxes.

2. You give back and that increases your own self esteem and happiness. Whether you are volunteering within a charity shop or helping out at events, or working as a carer to help old people retain their independence and live in their own homes, you are, in effect, thanking them. One of our Comfort Keepers carers said recently that she feels that she is giving back something to older people for all the work they did when times were harder.

3. Some argue that a society is measured by the quality of care given to its elderly, its sick and its children. By helping others to live a fuller and better life, what goes around comes around too.

4. It’s great fun plus it’s a good way to get to know people. For example, by volunteering with youth organisations, for example, Scouts or the local GAA club, you’ll have great fun as well as seeing young people blossom.

5. By working as a carer, you’ll be helping adult children to care for their parents. Many adult children are working full-time, living a distance from their parents or would prefer to have a professional carer there too.

6. You get to know many more people through caring too – not just your clients and their families but the other carers too.

7. By volunteering or working as a carer, you can gain experience and perhaps work towards a new career. It is also a means to testing out a new line of work and future career. Student nurses or students in other healthcare roles enjoy working as professional carers as it gives them experience in that field as well as providing a good income. If you are thinking of working towards a career in nursing, training as a home carer means you gain good experience as well as knowing if that career is right for you.

8. It makes you happy and helps you be satisfied with your own life as well as your efforts. Knowing someone appreciates your company and your efforts is almost like being paid with solid gold.

Home Care Job Opportunities

If you would like to work as a professional home carer (and you can complete your training with us, Comfort Keepers subsidises the cost), do check out our Job Vacancies page as we have a number of vacancies in various offices.

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