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7 Ways To Know You Will Be A Good Carer

Home Carers at Comfort Keepers are very mixed in many ways. Admittedly most are female but they are very mixed in terms of age profile and the reasons why they decided to become carers. What they do have in common is that they are caring, they are committed to their clients and they receive excellent support from their managers and their office staff.

If becoming a home carer is something you have been considering for a while, here’s some tips to help you decide if you are right for this profession.

7 Ways To Know You Will Be A Good Carer

  1. It’s an obvious one – are you caring? Do you care about how others feel? Do you enjoy spending time with other people – chatting to them, listening to their stories and contributing to conversations?
  2. Do you realise how your presence affects the emotions of other people? Are you the type of person who can make people smile when you enter the room? Do your eyes light up when you smile? If you’ve answered yes to number one, I would imagine the answer is ‘yes’ to this one too.
  3. Are you intuitive to the feelings of others? Do you think you can sense when they need silence, or a comforting hand on the shoulder, or if they need a cheery chat?
  4. Have you cared for a family member? Many of our home carers have come into caring because they have spent time caring for an elderly parent. This experience of caring is invaluable.
  5. If you have been out of the workforce for some time while children were young, you will have the life experience, patience, organisational skills and most likely the compassion required to be an excellent professional home carer.
  6. Do you have respect for older people, for what they contributed to society during their long lives?
  7. Are you fit and healthy? You will receive training in providing personal care but you need a certain level of fitness too.

Home Care Vacancies

If you would like to partake in a fulfilling career in Home Care in a company that supports you in your role, do check out our careers page and get in touch. We have many vacancies in our seventeen offices around the country. Don’t delay and apply today.

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