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Enjoying Christmas – 6 Tips

6 Tips to Maximise Christmas Enjoyment

Christmas is coming – the time of year when everyone is filled with joyous cheer and surrounded by those we love. We all feel happy, content, giving, relaxed ….

Or do we? Do we feel we should be happier, less irritated? Do we feel fractious and frustrated by all the noise and cheer or do we feel lonely?

It is a wonderful time of year to down tools and spend time relaxing, reading books, going for walks, watching old movies such as the classic It’s A Wonderful Life, catching up with friends and family. However, sometimes it can all be too idealised and perfect,  it can all get a bit much which is where the frustration comes in.

How can you ensure you get the most out of Christmas this year?

  1. Plan and prioritise.  Consider what you like doing best. If you like your own company, you know that going to a relative’s house for five days might be too much particularly if there are a number of young children so you might decide to stay for a shorter length of time or arrange to go for walks and drives while you are there.  If you love the company of others, invite friends and family around.
  2. Consider your diet. We all indulge over Christmas, perhaps too much with chocolate, wine and fine food and this can play havoc on our digestive systems and our sleep. Ensure you keep up some exercise and think twice before reaching for another box of chocolates.
  3. Think before you speak.  With so many members of the family together, perhaps for the only time during the year, people can say things that are misunderstood or which irritate others.  I love the advice of Rumi, the 13th century Persian philosopher:“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates,” “At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask, ‘Is it kind?’”
  4. Delegate – if you are having family or friends to dinner, it is a lot of work to prepare the table, decorate the room and cook a scrumptious three course meal so delegate. Ask one or two people to bring a dessert for example. Don’t try to do it all – it can be exhausting and you want to enjoy the full holiday season.
  5. Relaxation – Schedule some rest time for yourself and take some time out from the busy crowds by planning a trip to a film or a book reading. Plan a visit to the beach – there is nothing as nice as a quiet beach on a blustery winter’s day.
  6. Gift buying – Many of us become stressed about buying pre,sents – what to buy, how much to spend, where to find it, how to wrap it, when to post it ….. if it all seems too much, even though there are eight days to go perhaps suggest a secret Santa amongst the family or ask other family members to help you out.

Christmas is the season to be jolly. However, it can sometimes take a little bit of planning to ensure everyone enjoys it to the utmost.

Merry Christmas.

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