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How To Live A Longer Life

Ireland’s oldest man, Michael Lambert, passed away last Sunday at the grand age of 107. Featured on the six o’clock news and other media, it was clear that he was a man who loved life and was well liked and respected by his community. According to the Farmers Journal, the previous holder of the title “Ireland’s oldest man” died last November and he was also a farmer from Roscommon. What is it about Roscommon and farming that aids such longevity, I hear you ask?

How To Live Longer?

No Smoking – We all know that smoking isn’t good for us, advertising frequently shows us stories of relatively young people dying from lung cancer and it also affects your health in other ways. Apparently Michael Lambert gave up smoking in this sixties. Now, that might seem quite a late stage in life to give up smoking but it proves that it’s never too late to give up especially when he went on to live for another half century.

Exercise – Even gentle exercise of twenty minutes walking per day has health benefits. Michael was a mixed farmer, an occupation that demands a certain level of fitness and yes, lots of walking.

Don’t Overeat – Everything in moderation and that includes food. Eat your five portions of fruit and vegetables per day and don’t overeat at mealtimes. Eating a large meal very late in the evening will hinder your ability to get a good night’s sleep too so plan sensible times for your meals. As a farmer, Michael probably had his main meal around 1pm. Do you think that’s the best time to have a large meal?

Part of a community – As we pointed out in our last article, loneliness can really affect your health and can lead to mental illness, high blood pressure, depression and dementia. Seeing people regularly or being part of a nice community can really have a positive effect on health. It sounds like Michael was still active within the farming community with a lively interest in the proceedings at local marts and fairs. Things like the weekly mart really act as a social occasion for elderly farmers and their importance can’t be ignored.

Alcohol – We’re back to all things in moderation again. Did you know that one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men can actually be good for you? Excess alcohol is, of course, not a good idea. Therefore, having a glass of wine or a glass of ale in the evenings can be enjoyed and savoured in the knowledge that it is good for you.

Here’s to a long and happy life for all of us!


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