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Ten Tips To Keep Well And Warm This Winter

Even though the shortest day of the year is behind us and there will be somewhat of a ‘stretch in the evenings’ for now on, it still has the potential to be extremely cold. Here’s some more tips for ensuring you stay warm, healthy and safe this winter:

Ten Tips To Keeping Well and Warm This Winter

  • Dress appropriately with layers. This makes it much easier to add or shed a layer if necessary and helps to insulate your body against the cold. Wearing a sleeveless cardigan or jacket really helps to keep your chest and back warm without the bulkiness of an extra layer on your arms. If you find your head gets cold in bed, do wear a woollen or fleece hat to bed.
  • Stay active. Even if it is too cold or icy to go outside, do move around the house. Spread your household jobs throughout the day so you get up and about.
  • Have your heating on a timer if you can so that the house is warming up when you get up in the morning or when you return after a day out.
  • Use draught excluders against your doors, heavy curtains over your windows and perhaps your front door too and block up any gaps around windows.
  • Pull curtains as it gets dark, the curtains can really help to insulate the rooms.
  • The temperature for the rooms you live in should be 21 degrees celsius and other rooms should be 18 degrees.
  • Ensure you have at least one hot meal a day. A good diet will protect against illnesses and colds. Homemade vegetable soup is both warming and nourishing, making a great lunch. Herbal teas are great for your health and will also warm you up.
  • Wear sensible shoes if going outdoors and use a walking stick for added stability.
  • If going outside (for a walk or into the garden) in cold icy weather, ensure that you have some way of contacting someone if you live on your own – be it your mobile phone or a buzzer in your pocket.  A fall would be particularly hazardous at this time of the year.
  • If getting a lift home from someone, ensure they escort you into your home before driving home or at least see that you have got inside before they drive off. The risk of slipping on an icy step may be small but it can happen.

Happy New Year from all at Comfort Keepers, we hope that 2015 is a happy and healthy year for you all.

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