Funding Home Care

There are 2 ways to fund the cost of home care:

  •  HSE Funding
  •  Family/Private contributions that can avail of PAYE Tax Relief at up to 40%.

HSE Funding

Home Care Packages.

Home Care Packages are services of nurses, home care attendants, home helps and the various therapists including physiotherapists and occupational therapists funded by the HSE that enable an older person to remain at home. A home care package will vary according to the care needs of the person so that, for example, there might be a greater emphasis in some packages on home care assistants while other packages may require a greater level of therapy and nursing. Comfort Keepers have been selected as a preferred homecare provider to the HSE and we work in conjunction with the HSE in the delivery of home care packages. We can assist you on how best to apply for a home care package.

Home care in Ireland

The vast majority of older people in Ireland are able to stay at home with assistance from family members, home help services and voluntary organisations.

The HSE recognises this need for older people to stay at home as an alternative to a residential setting, and has implemented a home support scheme. This scheme was set up in order to increase home care support and home help and is known as the home care support package. It is aimed at older people living alone or in-patients in acute hospitals that are at risk of admission to long term residential care.

The Home Care Packages mainly focus on individuals requiring medium to high support at home. To avail of the scheme, a means or income test will need to be carried out.

Each HSE area has ownership of how the home care support package is delivered. The scheme differs around Ireland depending on area catchment population, individual requirements and personnel available to deliver the services available. Comfort Keepers is familiar with the practice in your area and can advise.

Home Care Packages may be carried out through private home care provider such as Comfort Keepers. You may also qualify for Carers benefit or Carers Allowance and/or a Respite Care Grant. If you pay privately tax relief claims can be made at the lower and higher tax brackets.

Contact your local Comfort Keepers office and see what supports are available in your area. A health assessment will normally be carried out by your local Public Health Nurse (PHN). There is no standard assessment of need or no national guidelines on a needs assessment. Once care has been assessed an application will be sent to the HSE for approval.