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Elevating the human spirit through homecare across Ireland

Every person has an inner spark. It’s something age and illness cannot take away. At Comfort Keepers, we go beyond daily care needs to nurture those unique qualities and bring about a sense of hope, connectedness, purpose, and most importantly, joy. From 1 hour of care per week to 24/7 complex care, Comfort Keepers’ clinically-led team have got your care needs covered.

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Longer Term & Specialised Care

24 Hour care for dementia, injury-recovery and more.

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Not sure what type of homecare you are looking for?

We know that the care you choose now will help you and your family immeasurably. There are few things more precious than quality time, positive spirits, and peace of mind. In-home care is unique—after all, the care comes to you in your own home.

If you’re not sure which type of care best suits whats you’re looking for, here are two helpful routes you can take to find out more.

  1. Take our self-assessment quiz here.
  2. Have a no-commitment, free-of-charge assessment with our team today.

Our clients and their families are delighted with how we elevate their spirit every day.

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