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What Our Carers Say

Our carers are empathetic and fully-trained in meeting your needs. They’re the core of Comfort Keepers’ work. Hear what they have to say about providing care.

Written Testimonials

“I love my job. I’m not just a carer, I’m a friend. I’ve worked for Comfort Keepers for over 6 years  I still work with my first client –  she’s 92 years old.  I can honestly say she’s one of my best friends. I’m very lucky”.

Sandra, Carer

“A few years ago, I decided to take up a course in Care of the Elderly. I applied to Comfort Keepers and, since then, I have met lovely people who have been great with advice and guidance. Carers are never alone as the staff in the office are a great support. It’s so rewarding to be part of a team that gives vulnerable people the care, attention and dignity they deserve and need”.

Rosie, Carer

“My favourite part of being a carer is those precious minutes of conversation you have with your clients, and their families. Hearing their news that they’re excited to tell you is wonderful. It means so much to both myself and them to have someone to have a good chat with, in between everything else that we do while I’m there to help them. “

Eleanor, Carer

“I would like to express how much my role means to me . I love helping and caring for all my clients knowing all of them are happy, safe and comfortable.  Seeing a smile on their faces when I arrive makes me so proud knowing I am doing a great role”.

Carer, Dublin

Video Testimonials

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