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Are You A Silver Surfer?

Are you over 50? Are you adept with computers and technology? Have you used the internet to pursue a passion or hobby?  Perhaps you write a weekly blog that can become hugely popular? Do you use any of the social media platforms to network and meet people as well as sharing your hobby? Do you feel the use of the internet, apps and computers have enhanced your life? If you can answer ‘yes’ to some of these questions, you are more than likely eligible to enter the Google Silver Surfer Awards 2014.

Google and Age Action are working together to celebrate and showcase older people’s use of the internet.  By doing so, they are also showing the possibilities for older people in using the internet. Some people use facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. Others use it to learn more about a hobby or share their knowledge with others. Some may find they read all the news and information they need on the internet now. More and more people are starting to blog, to write a weekly (or perhaps more frequent) blog post about something that interests them – be it crafts, politics, personal perspectives on life, photography – the subjects vary hugely.

Google and Age Action are looking for those over 50 to enter or indeed, be nominated by friends or family. They are looking for interesting stories focusing how how older people use their computer and the internet, whether they use it for pleasure or as a means to enhance their own interests.  They want to show others how information technology isn’t to be feared, how it can benefit, how it can be fun, and of course, how it can prefer loneliness and feelings of isolation too.

There are five categories:

New to IT Award
A person over the age of 50 who is new to technology and has overcome challenges to become an IT user

Hobbies on the Net Award
An older person who uses the Internet to pursue their passion or hobby or who uses IT for communication and social networking

IT Tutor(s) of the Year
An individual or group of any age who provides voluntary support to older learners

Google Silver Surfer Award
An older person who embraces the Internet or technology with a sense of fun and adventure

Golden IT Award
An individual over the age of 80 who uses technology to enhance their life

If you would like to enter or indeed, nominate someone for one for the Silver Surfer awards, you can fill in an online form before Sunday 5th October. Last year’s winners can be viewed here. Some of the winners left school in their teens and have used technology to help them write books and blogs, truly inspiration stories.

We’d love to hear your stories too – have you started using technology recently? What do you use it for?  How has it enhanced your life?



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