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How We Prioritise Work-Life Balance 

In the world of homecare, where dedication to our client often means we struggle in finding the balance between work and personal life. At Comfort Keepers Ireland, we firmly believe that a harmonious work-life balance is not just a luxury, but a necessity for the wellbeing of our team members. In this blog, we’ll explore how our company prioritises work-life balance within the demanding homecare sector.

Understanding the Importance of Balance 

We recognise that our care teams are the lifeblood of our organisation and our most important asset. Their dedication, compassion, and commitment to providing exceptional care across Ireland is what makes us who we are. However, we also understand that they have their own rich and multifaceted lives outside of work—families to care for, personal interests to pursue, and hurdles to cross. That’s why it’s so important for us as an organisation to keep work-life balance in focus as we operate and provide our services in communities across Ireland.

Flexible Scheduling 

One of the key ways we support work-life balance is through flexible scheduling. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and our care teams may have various commitments outside of work. Therefore, we offer flexible scheduling options that allow our employees to choose shifts that suit their needs and availability. Whether they prefer to work part-time, full-time, or on specific days, we strive to accommodate their preferences as much as possible.

Respect for Personal Time 

At Comfort Keepers, we respect the personal time of our employees. We understand the importance of taking breaks, spending time with loved ones, and engaging in activities that rejuvenate the mind and body. Our rostering practices aim to prevent burnout and promote wellbeing by ensuring that our carers have adequate time for rest and relaxation outside of work. We strive to ensure that our carers get the desired time off they’ve requested, and when, due to the 24/7 nature of care this isn’t possible, we work with our team to find suitable alternatives.

Supportive Work Environment 

We understand that creating a supportive work environment is crucial for fostering work-life balance. At Comfort Keepers, we prioritise open communication, empathy, and collaboration among our team members across our organisation. We encourage carers to share their concerns, seek assistance when needed, and offer support to one another. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding, we create an environment where employees feel valued and supported both professionally and personally. Our annual Engagement Survey is an excellent tool for engaging with our carers and ensuring their work environment remains a supportive and healthy one. However, we do urge all of our staff to voice any concerns as soon as they have them so that we can continue to maintain the supportive environment and culture of respect that we at Comfort Keepers pride ourselves on. 

Employee Wellness and Assistance Programs 

To further promote work-life balance and overall wellbeing, Comfort Keepers offers both free Employee Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs. Our Be Well Wellness Program is a positive way of supporting all of our mental and physical health through social, mindfulness, exercise, and nutritional support throughout the year. Providing support and encouragement for wellness among our staff and clients is a great way to build stronger relationships and respond to the needs of all. This Program culminates in our annual Wellness Week, held each September, which entails a vast and varied schedule of events which centre about mental and physical health. These events have included guided meditation, Pilates, and shamanic drumming in recent years to name just a few!

On top of this, every Comfort Keepers employee has access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program. This service is also extended to family members, and it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our EAP is a confidential programme at no additional cost and provides you and your family members with immediate help and support in managing whatever work or personal issues you are facing.


It’s clear to see that here at Comfort Keepers we understand that achieving work-life balance is an ongoing journey. Whatever it takes, we are committed to supporting each and every one of our employees every step of the way. By offering flexible scheduling, fostering a supportive work environment, and providing wellness and assistance programs, we empower our care teams to lead fulfilling lives both inside and outside of work. Because when our employees thrive, so do our clients and the communities we serve.

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