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COVID-19 Safety Measures

The health and safety of our clients remains our utmost priority. We continue to closely monitor the situation and put in place all necessary measures to protect you. Read more about what we’ve done so far below.

To counteract COVID-19, we have introduced:

Mandatory uniforms in place

Mandatory declaring of negative COVID status

Appropriate PPE for all carers

Mandatory face mask and hand sanitizer

Regular communications on company, government and Public Health updates through email, phone and other methods

Covid-19 health and safety checklist to ensure clear guidelines for our staff in dealing with Covid-19 related situations

All of our carers recieved training in:

Care of the Higher Dependency Client 
Advanced PPE Training 
Caring for People with Covid-19 in the Community 
Interim Procedures During Covid-19 Pathways for Employees and Clients
Returning To Service After Covid-19 
Reinforced training on Standard PPE, Respiratory Hygiene and Hand Hygiene 

To see a comprehensive list of all of our COVID measures, click here.

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