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Mental Health and Older People

Maintaining good mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. Our mental state impacts how we feel each day and is directly linked to physical wellbeing. As we get older, life’s challenges develop and change and different stressors or situations can leave us feeling down from time to time.  Mental health of older people is a vital part of who you are so always remember to mind your mind. 

Here are some of our best tips for maintaining positive mental health. For longer-term mental difficulties, professional supports are always available such as counselling or therapy. 

Keep in contact 

Social media and technology makes it easier than ever to keep in contact with friends and family. Loneliness has negative impacts on anyone’s mental health so always make time to arrange a phone call with a loved one and stay social. 

Be physically active

Doing some form of physical activity for 30 minutes each day releases feel-good endorphins and helps with keeping fit. Exercise is anything from stretching to walking or doing some light form of manual work such as gardening. 

Take time for mindfulness

Taking a break for calm reflection can really help to ease stress. Meditation and breathing exercises are a useful way of finding a little bit of peace in your day. If you don’t enjoy meditation, putting on some of your favourite music and and sitting to listen can be a nice alternative. 

Talk about any problems and concerns

Difficulties or concerns can be made easier when discussed with others that can help. Family members, friends or other supports can help by providing advice or a supportive ear. Professional help can be sought from counselling or therapy services for a non-judgemental, confidential option. There are plenty of resources that focus on the mental health of older people. Head to Mental Health Ireland for more information and contacts.

Eating and sleeping well 

Good sleep hygiene and a nutritionally balanced diet positively impact both your physical and mental health. Sleep enough so that you feel properly rested and eat healthy food that incorporates all of the necessary food groups.

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