Home Care Help Guide

Getting started with Home Care:  Step by Step

Step 1. Assessment and Planning of Care
Following an initial enquiry, one of our professional Client Care Managers who are from a nursing or social work background will come and assess your loved one’s individual needs whether they are at home or in hospital. They will advise on what level of care may be appropriate and the tasks and activities that the carer should carry out. At this time, family members can also discuss any concerns that they may have.

Step 2. Creation of an Individualised Care Plan
An individualised care plan will be formulated by the Client Care Manager in partnership with the family and client and the search for a suitable carer will begin. We aim to provide a person-centred rather than task-based approach to care and the individualised care plan is an important element of this. A contract of care will also be discussed in relation to finance. Our staff can assist with any entitlements that may be available to you including help in claiming tax relief at up to 41% and possible eligibility for a HSE Home Care Package.

Step 3. Client Carer Introductions
After consultation with the family and client the carer will be introduced. Our Client Care Manager is present to ensure everyone is aware of the care plan and any particular aspects that are unique to your loved one. This initial contact between client and carer ensures suitability for all concerned and an awareness of all the facts in the case. Our carers have already undergone training and background checking so care can commence immediately.

Step 4. Monitoring
Our carers log in and out through our telemonitoring system which ensures that the carer arrives on time. This call, which comes from the client’s phone, is free of charge and does not cost the client anything. If a call is not made at the appropriate time an alarm is raised and our 24 hour oncall staff investigate why the carer is not at your home as scheduled and will organise alternative care.

Step 5. Regular Reviews 
In addition to our telemonitoring system we also review each case on a regular basis. This review, carried out by our professional Client Care Managers or a specialised reviewer allows us to monitor the quality of care we deliver and to adjust the individualised care plans to meet changing needs. This review allows the client or their family to discuss the care on a regular basis.

A Care Journal is maintained in each home and our carers document the care provided so as to keep families up to date on any changes.

Throughout the period of care we are conscious that we are in a person’s home and we ensure that care is delivered in a dignified and respectful manner.