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Comfort Keepers Home Care – HR Awards

We’re delighted to share some good news with you!

With over 1200 carers working within Comfort Keepers, the HR team are kept very busy between recruiting, interviewing, answering queries and a million other tasks so we are delighted that their efforts and achievements are being recognised with being shortlisted in the HR Leadership and Management 2015 Awards. We have been shortlisted in numerous categories, these include Best HR Team, Rising Star Award, Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Most Effective Use of Internal Communications.

We are particularly proud of our three Comfort Keepers staff in the Rising Star award.

David Flynn:

David started in Comfort Keepers in September 2013. When he finished school, he didn’t know what he wanted to do so he did a Degree in Business Management and then went on and completed the Masters in HR the following year. Comfort Keepers was his first position is the HR field. David also won ‘Most Improved HR Person’ for Comfort Keepers Home Care in 2014. Since he started he has developed relationships with all the managers and has begun to form an advisory role. David has developed and mentored some of our new employees and has begun to take over some of the reports that the HR department produces. He has excelled at anything that has been passed his way thus far.

Monica Rus:

Monica came to Ireland to live in 2008 from Romania. Monica’s interview for Comfort Keepers was her first ever interview and she was delighted to get the position as an intern. When Monica started at Comfort Keepers in 2011 there was only 2 or 3 employees in the HR department, there is now up to 20 at one time and she has grown with the company, in 2012 Monica was given a full time paid position. Only this year (2014) Monica decided to go back and do the Bachelor in HR at NCI whilst continuing full time employment, she has improved immensely in all aspects since she began here and is now one of the most experienced and valued member of the team. Monica is incredibly efficient  and when she is asked to do something she just does it, she constantly receives praise from the managers in her offices of responsibility and achieves her targets.

Michelle Powell:

Michelle’s approach to each person she meets is warm, friendly and positive. She is as comfortable making a carer at ease in their first interview as she is welcoming senior management when visiting the regional office. Her work is meticulous and to an exceptional standard, we feel this stems from her education within the Shannon college of Hotel Management which is know for the calibre of its graduates both within the hospitality industry and further afield. Michelle started with Comfort Keepers as a JobBridge intern and when Michelle’s internship was due to finish, offering her full time employment was the only logical option – she had continuously proven herself to be one of the most diligent and hardworking employees that I have ever worked with.

The awards take place next Wednesday (18th February). We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Do keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget, if you do wish to work for Comfort Keepers, this is the wonderful HR team you will be seeing when you come for interview.


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