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Comfort Keepers is your Irish JobFairy

Are you looking for a job fairy? A fairy godmother to help you get the job you’ve always wanted – or perhaps a career you never considered before? Hav eyou had friends and family comment on your caring nature? Did you dream of becoming a nurse when you were younger and for some reason it didn’t quite work out. Have you been out of work for a while and would love to get back into the cycle of working?

What is Comfort Keepers?

Comfort Keepers is an Irish family run homecare provider, we lead the way in providing accredited and award winning service. We provide homecare services providing people with companionship and personal care. We aim to help older people stay in their home for as long as they want to do so. We put our clients at the forefront of everything we do, we want them to be happy, content and really enjoy the time they spend with our carers.

Job Opportunities within Comfort Keepers

There’s a number of reasons why Comfort Keepers has many job vacancies for Home Carers: People are living for longer so more people need care, people prefer to stay living at home rather than go into nursing homes, and due to our winning of awards and providing a high quality of service, more clients are coming to us for their home care.

We have a number of vacancies in many of our seventeen offices. If you haven’t worked in a home care position before, we do provide training. We believe that anyone can be trained to be an excellent home carer if they are caring but we can’t teach someone to be caring.

Comfort Keepers Needs You

If you are working in another profession, perhaps like Joanna, who worked as a retail manager before joining Comfort Keepers in 2012, and you feel it is the right time for a change, do get in touch and we can advise you on the process. Joanna felt she wanted a career change and when a family friend suggested she would make a wonderful carer, she took the plunge and contacted us. Don’t let the training put you off as you can do that alongside working full-time. You do need to have completed two modules before you start but once you are successful in your application, Comfort Keepers subsidises the cost of the QQI training.


Are you a student? Would you like to earn additional income by working as a carer in the evenings and at weekends? If you are training for a career in healthcare, it will provide you with wonderful experience working in this field. If you are planning to enter nursing, occupational therapy and any other healthcare profession, working as a carer provides you with good work experience and references for applying to your chosen courses.


Are you a parent and you’ve been out of work for a while, perhaps looking after your children? Maybe you’ve been looking after an elderly parent or another family member and you’ve discovered you have a natural ability for caring? If you have more time available, now could be the perfect time to start working again, this time as a home carer.

Taken Early Retirement

Have you been made redundant or taken early retirement? Are you bored with so much time on your hands? Would you like to feel useful? Would you like to help people live independently in their own home? Home care could be the perfect career for you.

What does a home carer do?

Home carers provide help with preparing meals, provide mobility assistance, help with bathing and personal care, help clients take part in recreational activities, provide companionship and friendship, remind about taking medication, run errands and help with light housekeeping. The work you do for each client will vary so every day will be different.

Search on our ‘Carer jobs’ page to see if there are vacancies in the nearest office to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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