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Companies who work for and with Older Persons

Comfort Keepers Ireland are not alone in working to provide a better life for your older and more vulnerable relatives. We want to make sure that Ireland is a great place for the older person in your life, and there are so many other organisations and associations who work to achieve this too! Here are just a few of them:


The Ageing Research and Development Division of the Institute of Public Health (IPH)
The Ageing Research and Development Division want to promote better public health policy-making and improved services. Improving healthcare is essential to providing older persons with a better quality of life. With the older population growing year on year, these changes are more important than ever before to ensure Ireland is a great place for older persons. They also provide information about age-related policy changes.


Age Friendly Ireland

Age Friendly Ireland works to create a society that is inclusive and impartial, so that older persons can live full, healthy and valued lives. They work with all sections of Irish society  because they believe that the government, public service providers, the population at large and local authorities must all be involved if the goal of creating a fair society is to be met.

You can get involved with Age Friendly Ireland through the Older People’s Councils that exist in local authority areas. These councils work with local authority and government to guide the development of age-friendly initiatives in the area. Their website also has a huge amount of information and tools, if you want to get involved with their work in your locality.


Age Action

You’ve probably walked past an Age Action shop in Ireland, and browsed their furniture, books or clothes for sale, but the charity is more than just that. Age Action’s ultimate goal is for Ireland to become the best place to age and works across Ireland to ensure this possibility. They provide a huge range of services to older people in Ireland, all completely free of charge. The services provided by Age Action includes advocacy work, care and repair services, lifelong learning and computer training. There’s so much information about the actions of Age Action online, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


McCabe’s Pharmacy

We’re delighted to be in partnership with McCabes Pharmacy, who during the winter months offer the flu vaccination and amazing discounts to to all our employees and clients. They often have amazing deals on vitamins and cosmetics. They also offer prescription delivery across Ireland, so you don’t have to worry about making it to the shop if the weather is bad. Find out more on their website or for information about health matters, check out their blog

A lot of local community and resource centres have free or affordably priced activities to suit all interests and skill sets. They can range from cooking, to exercise, day trips around the country, jewellery making, tea and coffee mornings and more. See what your local community centre has going on, get a new hobby and make some new friends, too!

There are so many more organisations providing services for older persons in Ireland to make sure they live a happy and fulfilled life. Comfort Keepers Ireland wants older people to feel involved, safe and comforted and our staff work to ensure this is a reality. If you want to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us at > or on 01-8921302 or join our facebook page.

If you want to find out more, just check out the links below, which we’ve put together into a helpful guide.



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