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Interview with DN8 Carer of the Year: Rachel Abbott

Rachel Abbott is the Comfort Keepers Carer of the Year 2015 for the DN8 office. As you may know, each of Comfort Keeper’s 17 offices nominated a Carer of the Year to represent their area. There will then be 4 regional finalists and the overall winner will be announced on 13th November.

DN8 Team. Kathleen Scully (OPS Manager), Una Galine (CCC), Rachel Abbott (CofY), Catherine Doherty (CCM), Jenny Collier (CCC).
DN8 Team. Kathleen Scully (OPS Manager), Una Galine (CCC), Rachel Abbott (CofY), Catherine Doherty (CCM), Jenny Collier (CCC).

Rachel has been working for Comfort Keepers as a home carer for just over two years. She says that five years ago she would never have considered working as a carer, she would never have assumed she was right for the role. However, spending time taking care of her mother showed her that she had a natural flair for caring and she decided to apply. Rachel has almost completed her training while working, and is currently working on her last module. She works mornings and evenings which suits perfectly with childcare as it means she can collect her children from school, spend time with them and then do her evening appointments later.

I asked Rachel why she enjoys her job as a carer so much. She loves seeing her clients’ faces light up when they see her, knowing she brings cheer and company to them as well as assistance. A bonus to the job is feeling appreciated and needed. Rachel admits she felt a mixture of emotions when she heard the news that she was representing her office: shock, embarrassment and gratitude. She says she can see herself working in her home care role for a very long time.

What makes the best home carers? Rachel believes they have to have compassion, be good listeners and be patient.

Remember that we have current vacancies for home carers in many of our offices. If you feel you are caring, please do check our Vacancies pages and apply.

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