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Why More Home Carers Are Required

At present 90% of frail older people in Ireland live at home, with 80% of them living well and independently, according to an article in a recent Irish Independent newspaper. One in five people aged over 85 reside in a nursing home which means, of course, that four out of five people over 85 years of age live at home. Many of these live totally independently, able to drive, cooking for themselves, even doing volunteer work, writing memoirs. Others need a little help to stay living in their own home and live independently. Often an hour a day is all that is needed, be it companionship, help with housework, reminders to take medication, or some help with washing and dressing.

Comfort Keepers, Recruiting

As each year passes, there will be more demand for home carers. The CSO is projecting that for every two person who were aged 85 or older in 2011, there will be a third person living in this age category by 2021. Of course, it is wonderful that people are living longer and as a society, we embrace and celebrate that fact. However, we must also realise that more caregivers are required to help older members of society remain in their own homes for as long as they wish to do so.

Many of our home carers at Comfort Keepers are those who decide on a new career in their thirties, forties, fifties and yes, even when they retire. Many decide to become home carers when children are reasonably independent or after spending time caring for an elderly parent or relative. It’s often after caring for someone that people realise their natural aptitude for this career.

With more people living on their own and living longer, there will be a continual need for home carers of the best quality and at Comfort Keepers, we fund 80% of the cost of the training required plus it can be completed while working. If you would like to become a carer in 2016, do contact us at Comfort Keepers for an application form.

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